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Hauling freight for FR8


Become part of the team

Let's grow together.

We’re always looking for new and reliable carriers to join our network. Our dedicated carrier relations department is here for you to ensure all of our carriers are consistently happy with our service.

Please send completed packet to:

Partner carriers figure significantly into the success of our company and the services we offer. We value our partner carriers’ commitment to customer care, safety and performance.

As our business expands we are continuing to seek long-term partnerships with carriers who share our business values. If you are interested in becoming a partner carrier, please download and fill out our setup packet.

We are proud to offer Epay Manager. Epay is an electronic payment system and offers a flexible alternative to your current transportation payable process. The system helps organize, manage and maintain all of your shipment data. Epay allows you to customize your payment terms along with the benefits of having it electronically deposited into your bank account, eliminating paper, time, and mail.

The Broker of Choice

Our goal is to ensure that our Partner Carriers:

  • Feel supported and appreciated when working with FR8 Solutions
  • Trust all members of the FR8 Solutions team
  • Benefit from working with FR8 Solutions

We recognize that Partner Carrier success is our success!


Our Partner Carriers will benefit from utilizing a procurement engine that features an integrated email bidding module so our carriers can easily review and respond to new shipment opportunities. We also offer EDI and XML options for load tenders and shipment status updates.

Delivering Quality, FR8 Solutions.