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About Us

Our main advantages

What makes us competitive.

We commit to all of our work by acting with strong integrity in everything we do, making our client satisfaction the highest priority.

One Call

We can become your “one call” carrier for all your time-critical shipment needs. If we do not have a vehicle near your pick up location or a specific vehicle or trailer type in our fleet, we have access to a network of partners to help you. No matter the job, FR8 can help you, either by doing it ourselves or having one of our alliance partners help you.

Commitment to Quality

Staffed 24/7/365 to make sure everything goes as expected on your shipment, and in the case something does go wrong, we are here to solve the problem, while you sleep and rest assured your freight will get there safely on time.

Diversity of Coverage

The Alliance boasts an extensive geographic North American coverage and includes both ground and air carriers. It continues to grow as qualified carriers are added to new geographic areas. This gives FR8 Solutions Inc access to a broader range of services to satisfy your time-critical shipments.

Pro-Active Communication

Since we have “visibility” to the other Alliance member vehicles, we can track the status of shipments placed on their vehicles just as if they were on ours. This means we can pro-actively inform you of shipment issues, regardless of the name on the vehicle’s door.

Full Visibility

As our customer, you can see the status of any of your time-critical shipments FR8 Solutions does for you via our online Track and Trace software – regardless of the carrier or if the load is ground or air.

FR8 Truck Center

In-house fleet maintence.

We also recently founded FR8 Truck Center that offers a full-service truck and trailer repair shop. Our shop allows us to regularly maintain and inspect our fleet to ensure the quality of the equipment your freight travels on is up to our company standards and customer expectations.

Founder Message

Going beyond sales.

Thank you for stopping by our website, my name is Alen Kajdic, and I will try to help you better understand our business’s core values. FR8 Solutions is a family-owned transportation and logistics company established on family values and principles.

My father and I founded FR8 Solutions in 2013, but before that, my family has always been involved in the trucking industry. Before opening the company, my father worked as a truck driver for nine years. I helped him maintain his paperwork from calculating his IFTA taxes to helping him renew his truck registrations, and I loved doing it.

Upon getting involved in the trucking industry, I realized that big mega carriers were always looking for ways to cheat and take advantage of hard-working drivers, like my dad. From that moment, I knew I had to do something to make it better. Our nation owes a lot to truck drivers, so I wanted to allow them to make the money they deserve, treat them with the respect they deserve, while still meeting the customers’ needs.

To do this, I set out open my trucking business with my father. Our main goal was, and still is, to combine the best of both worlds—treat drivers fairly and pay them well while providing excellent service. Thus, once I graduated high school, I jumped on my idea, and here we are eight successful years later. FR8 Solutions began as a trucking company, but then expanded to open a brokerage and then a truck and trailer repair shop. I cannot wait to see what else the future has in store for us, and I look forward to working with you.


Alen Kajdić

FR8 Solutions Founder & CEO

Delivering Quality, FR8 Solutions.